week eleventh Reflection

As for this week, Brother Hilmi teach us on how to make posters by using adobe photoshop…still the same process as editing pictures, but more on choosing background, how to add more than one pictures in the file…making it beautiful and attractive..add text…all that stuff.

we have to admit that…editing is not our passion…still slow at making the right one that we really need for our video…making a lot of mistakes…little bit slow at catching what we’d been told so..but we receive helps from Brother Fuad and Kak Ana.They always ask us whether we’re okay and can catch up or not and make sure that we can make it all the way together with other friends.Although we are a little bit slow as this is new to us but overall…we are doing STILL okey…we’ve got lost if we are too concentrate on certain part sometimes but….we are lucky that the tutors are always right beside us so that we can ask them anytime we want.



Above are all the posters that we’d tried earlier…the first one is a poster on how to make a pictures looks like they are moving…the other one is about on how to add more pictures in one poster…both are good…although that’s not really good posters but we spend almost two hours of making it…so tired ! and by that, we known…we don’t have any talents on doing it.

However….we are lucky that one of our member, Azilah Mukhtar…are pretty good at doing posters…she learn it faster and produced a good posters even all the backgrounds color she choose are pink..pink…and pink ! Let her be…as long as we known on who we can rely on to make our video’s poster later….hehehe

So, the outcomes of learning adobe photoshop are….of course, it will help us doing poster later on…we learnt many things today and that was amazing experienced that we had…hope someday, we will use it in our teaching process.


week tenth Reflection

As for this week, we have to present the progress of our video project as well as individual’s and group’s blogs.Our lecturer would like to know where we are and until what stages we are right know in order to finish and complete our video project.From what our group had done…we’re now just finished with scene where the couples are still in mood of ‘Happy moments’..going out, emotional change…(very lovey-dovey).We wants to present to the viewers on the emotionally changed when we are in love which means everything seems favorable, keeps smiling and all that.Although it seem funny but that was the real things that happens nowadays when teenagers are in love.

Actually, we are still in process of making the best video we could…we have so many idea to put in this video but the limit time is only last for 10 minutes(what we’d been told) so we have to make sure that the video we are making is not that long because we have to include the explanation about ‘relationship between men and women in islamic views’ from expert too.We plan on doing a short interview with Ustaz Hasnan, lecturer from Pusat Pengajian Umum..according to Dr Rosseni, Ustaz Hasnan is well known among lecturers because of his long solemn at UKM, he knows precisely about every inch in UKM so do the students affairs.So, he ‘s the suitable person if we want to know all about UKM and the students too.


 so, above are the pictures that we took while making the video part 1 and 2…the other parts will follow onward. As for the presentation today, we include the objective of our video (to create awareness among people on the ‘ikhtilat’), the characters that we play in the video( as for this moment, we agreed to have two main characters play by Irham and Amira, the rest of us will play as friends that always keep accompanying while they are out.we are also seeks help from our classmates to play as an extra in certain scene)…what’s our video would like to present to viewers(the objectives of our video of course)..the scenes that we’ve done and what and how many scenes that we are going to have.

As for the blog progression, all four of us have completed our individual’s reflection up to week 9 including two weeks that we’ve no class because although we have no class that day but we still work on our assignments…task is still a task, no holiday allows..hehehe.. Group blog…hmm,we rotating-shifts among group member, so this is our responsibility together.And as for now, all of us show best commitments ever :)

week ninth Reflection

Another one steps on becoming a successful programmer..hehe

This week, we are really into Adobe Photoshop..edit this picture, that one…how to edit the background colour…how to make pictures look shady and blur..how to make things look move faster (vehicles of course)



From what we’d learnt…i personally think that we can use this knowledge to edit the photos that we are going to use in our video production later on. This lesson had been such a big help for us as we are all still wandering on how to transform our photos into amazing, beautiful and interesting ones.So, hope to wait from us soon.

week 8th Reflection

Although this week we have no class to attend..but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have works to do

Earlier this morning, we received a special task from Pn Analisa Hamdan, one of our lecturer in Technology Education course that ask us to do online discussion in tweeter by using htag #ge2153…regarding the matter of inclusion technology in education..about their advantages and disadvantages…what are our personal opinions regarding this matter.


so…as for us…we agreed that this inclusion have both pros and cons..of course, this kind of learning process is more interesting than traditional one..students are more interested to be in the classroom and it’s good to attract their attention.But….

we have to monitor them close enough to make sure that they do their work properly and did not open other websites while learning process take place.

Week Seventh Reflection

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Well, today, I am going to share our week seventh classess. At that week, we learned on how to use Video Movie Maker. Mr Helmi helped us to edit a video. It was a very simple and quite easy to do. It was really interesting too.

There are few steps in making video using Video Movie Maker.

First, we have to import pictures, music or video. After choosing a picture, we drag the item to the storyboard.


Then, if we want to add tittle or write anything in the pictures that been chosen, we go to the Edit Movie Section. There are some option below it and choose Make tittles and credit. After choose it, this will appear. ( see image below )


There are also many options for it. Now, we choose to add tittles on the selected clips/image that we chose. Click on it.


Then, the tittle box will appear. Write what you want in the box.


Then, in the section, there are two options ; Change the title animation and Change the text font and color.

This is for the title animation. We can choose any types of animation on how we want the image to be appear.


Then, this is to change the font, background color.


Lastly, the video transtition section. This is also can determine how the image to be appear.


Oh, ya. Not forget..these us in the class ^_____^

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Group Reflection 6


woahhh….sound serious and creepy right ?..hehehe

so, as promised…all groups have to present their proposal on video production. There ‘re group that working on environment theme,healthy life style, islamic theme such as the real meaning behind word ar-rahman and so on.


As for my group; Chaos Production…we are working on islamic theme too…,but in the real context of relationship between different genders in islam ways. We are focusing on how islam’s perspective on relationship between girl and boy

I mean, we all knows..be with someone we love is the human nature, we cannot avoid or prevent it BUT we can still take good care of the ways we reacts to it.There are few ways we can follows to not cross our boundaries as what islam present to us.


so, the purposes of our video is more or less to create awareness between young couples to not cross the boundaries in the relationship itself.

Group Reflection 5

We dont have class for this week…it might due to,..you know, we will celebrate Aidiladha soon, so..the lecturers set us free this week because many of us are already at their hometown to celebrate this special day with their family..so if there is class,not many of us will come…i suppose..perhaps..hehe

But,..still..we have works to work on during holiday..we have to write a proposal for our video production project and present it the week after.



     so, here we are….sitting together in Tun Seri Lanang library, discussing and writing a proposal for our project video just before we come back for holiday.so diligent right ?..hehe..we dont have much choices either..needs to email it to Dr Rosseni as soon as possibles but we enjoy it actually  🙂

so, moral of the story…we learn on how to write a project proposal, teamwork and also everyone of us gave their commitments towards this projects…so, we have no regrets of it.

Group Reflection 4

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi, there! ^___^

At the fourth week of our class, we have been told to present our ideas about the issue that we had chose for our video production. So, before the presentation, my members’ group had made a meeting to discuss more about our topic. Alhamdulillah, we ended up with one topic that we think will be great and awesome 😀

So, at the day for our presentation, we had been given some of materials such as glue and  “magic pen”. We’re going to present our topic in an interesting and simple way.


We were discussing the arrangement of the event while preparing other things. It was a very interesting task because we have to think and act at the same time so we can finish the task at the time given.


These are us..Asyima, Yaya, Irham and me. We were working together to make our presentation as creative as possible.

Nur Asyima represented our group to explain about our issue. We were the last group to present and alhamdulillah it went well. Our lecture, Dr. Rosseni Din came to our group after the presentation, she was giving some comment to give some value for our topic.

So,I think that is all for this post. Hope to see you in the next post in our blog ^__~

Group Reflection 3

Dalawa,ano ba ang balita..(hye, how are you?)

This week is much lighter than we ever imagined…hehehe…the lecturers show us several videos done by experts…so we can generate ideas on our video later on. The lecturers want us to present the draft of our work..but…since not many ideas we have, so they just let us stay in our group to continue the discussion we had last week.



so..that’s it…chaos’s discussion going on…till the end of class.because of we are 4 members altogether, Irham the photographer so he didn’t show up in the picture..so, there is not much work we can do for today and the discussion going well…we split the work together and that’s great right?  We call it teamwork, it’s nice to have everyone involve in the work.

Group Reflection 2


   As for this week…the lecturers did asked us to create a facebook account, twitter and also wordpress account.Since we are all so familiar with FB that we’re all already have the account, so we just need to create a FB group especially for our group…,and we did it.We named it ‘CHAOS PRODUCTION’ 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/352496824885475/  also the lecturers did invited us all in the group ‘Video production UKM 3’

https://www.facebook.com/groups/182760298574208/ this group is..especially for our batch who take the course this sem.



TWITTER…for those who are STILL doesn’t have the account yet…please do so as it’s obligation to have it for this course.I bet the lecturers want us to use the technology around us wisely and try to figure out it’s benefit…and use it in our studies.



and just before the class ends…our group had a discussion regarding our next video production. We discussed on our video’s theme…and after several minutes we came out to choose ‘ social issue’ as our guideline for video production but….still ‘in process’ to choose which issue to be brought up and seriously discuss in the video.So, that’s all for us.